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Good and bad traders

Good traders

All of the traders listed here are friendly, helpfull, trustwordy and with nice collections! 
I had to delete a bunch since a lot of weebly sites have been taken down or people stoped trading

Dandys Trades

Bad traders
* Nathan Markuszower; but also known as Jaap Musicalknaap, Daphne van den Hoeven, Jeroen Bamberger, Jurre. Jessie Cohen
Website  but before that there were and
He is an iligal filmer for musical shows, but not a very good one although he thinks he is... but the reason why i put him in the 'bad trader catagory'....
He just cant be polite/patient and respectful; creates all sorts of aliases and even fake email/FB accounts to look like he is the master of some shows; he also tells people he has got their 'wants' but then he doesnt send out his stuff (which doesnt have btw). How far and low can you go for certain shows.... if he doesnt get what he wants; he transforms into a angry 'stampvoetend' child who is used to getting his way (very pampered i think)
He alsof is the creator of (youtube/facebook) but as he is a scam artist; people please be careful when you come in contact with this person

* Daniel Jefferis: