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Guidelines to trade and contact details

Contact details

If you find something to trade for, please email me at [email protected] or use the contact form below. I prefer a single email since it is easier to keep track! Please write to me in Dutch or English.  Dont forget to send your website or document.  I will always try to respond within a couple of days, but sometimes life can be hectic and it can take me a little longer.

Please read the guidelines below. Nothing special, but please consider them before you contact me

Some guidelines to trade

1) Ratio
1 VOB/Video = 1 VOB/Video

1 Audio = 1 Audio
2/3 Audios = 1 regular VOB/Video

No audio trades for limited video┬┤s

Limited shows are to trade for shows I really want

2) Different sites to trade

* I prefer Mega but almost all will do. I'm not that picky, but do need to understand were to click on 

* I dont like download limites 

* I upload shows to mega and mediafire. Audio will almost always be done with wetransfer

3) Other things
* I will not trade with anyone who is rude, so please try to be polite. I think that should be easy :)
* Please dont email me with;  "I'll give you this for that". You can see all my shows, I like see your whole list and choose shows myself.
* I will give new traders a few shows to get them going. I know what it's like to start with noting. Just dont ask me for specific shows you want to see.
* I need an explicit remark about not being VOB before we make the trade
* I dont want youtube files being traded as 'highlights'.
* If you contact me, you should be the one to send your show(s) first. If I'm the one who contact you, i'll send my show(s) first.
* It can happen that something goes wrong during a trade. Please let me know and i'll do anything to try to fix it!

* I do online trading, so no snail mail!!
* Dont publish this list or any of the shows anywhere (no youtube, tumblr etc). Dont trade these shows through youtube/tumblr


Thank you for contacting me. I will get back to you as soon as possible
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