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Welcome to the page!

Welcome to my page!
Enjoy the list and maybe there is a trade in it for you

Hi All!

I hope you like this site, take a look around and feel free to contact me

Musicals, plays, documantaries and concerts are all in the same list!
When i have more then ten items from a specific show (video or audio); it will be transfered to its own sub catagory. All shows with less then 10 items are in the general A-Z catagories. 

New shows are in red and the video are also in the 'new' section.
Audio and video i need to recollect have a red mark in front of them.
Please always check my wishlist!

Last  update; January 24, 2018
The new page is up to date; shows need to be added to the main page

I had some problems with thirth party uploads so a lot of screenshots at the wicked page are missing; will add them soon! The whole audio section is under construction!

I'm open for Limited trades, mainly for my wants. I'm open for all sales

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